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We have relocated our Statesboro office up the street from the original location. Our new address is 22801 Highway 80 East, Statesboro. Our showroom is expanded with many fireplaces, heaters, grills, fryers, and more on display.

October brings many exciting opportunities for our customers. Several rebates are available: For a new heater or logs, $50 rebate is sent to the customer. In addition, a $50 credit is given to a new customer if a TruFlame tank is installed. For a Tankless Water Heater, rebates are available from $100 to $400. And, if you want to install a new propane central heat system, rebates are available up to $800. Come by or give us a call for more details.

Also, although we are currently open for business, our Grand Opening is on October 23, 2013, from 10:00am til 3:00 pm at our Statesboro Office. Vendors will be there with live fireplace burns while we demonstrate our grill for some tasty eats! Come out to see our new showrooms!

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Provide residential, commercial, and agriculture propane gas installation and service work

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Propane is generally used for heating your home but is also used for clothes dryers, hot water heaters, fireplace logs, stoves, grills, cookers, and back up heat sources.

  • Installs safely and easily in any home
  • Heats quickly and is energy efficient
  • Is generally less expensive than electricity
  • Can be used in areas not served by utility lines.

Contact our friendly staff to help you set up an account, schedule to have lines run if necessary, set a tank and be on your way to efficient heating.

Propane is used in a variety of ways commercially.

  • Heating buildings and workspaces
  • Restaurant cooking
  • Forklift cylinders
  • Onsite Bottle Plant*

*Install an onsite bottle plant that dispenses propane for resell and watch your monthly sales increase. You would be able to offer your customer an additional service while being a valued business partner with TruFlame Gas Co.

Contact us to have our trained, certified, and qualified servicemen come talk to you and set you up with TruFlame Gas.

Propane is used on many farms across the U.S. every year.Many farmers prefer propane as their fuel source because it is reliable, safe, clean, and efficient. It can be used in many applications, including:

  • Crop drying
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Greenhouses
  • Flame weeding

Contact us for more information about making propane your fuel choice on your farm.